Buy a Brick for the Memorial of the Fallen 22

This Memorial is made possible by each and every one of your contributions.

Donate by Mail

Make checks payable to:
Department of Michigan, Marine Corps League

Mail all checks and forms to:
Department of Michigan, Marine Corps League
P.O. Box 450117

Selfridge ANGB Michigan 48045

Other Ways to Contribute

Visit Our GoFundMe Page

Visit our GoFundMe page for the Memorial, view supporters and donors, and even make a donation yourself.

Order a Memorial T-Shirt

Support the Memorial with the purchase of a shirt or polo that honors our Fallen 22, and wear it proudly.

Watch Our Segment on Channel 7

See our efforts featured by Channel 7’s Detroit 20/20 Person of the week highlight on Angelo Lema and our Memorial.

Learn More about the Memorial

Read more on the Memorial, our approved site in Chesterfield Township, and the team behind this amazing project.